The best indoor home security cameras in 2023, tried and tested | CNN  Underscored

People often stop their security system search after installing an outdoor camera and an alarm system. That should not be the case. A security system should monitor and safeguard both outdoors and indoors of your home, office, etc.


There are multiple types of indoor cameras available in the market. Some of them may not be the right choice for your home. Security is a vast term. For some, their primary concern is protecting their home from intruders. For others, their goal would be to monitor their caretaker or keep an eye on their kids. These cases require a good indoor camera that can fulfill their indoor security needs.


This blog will talk about the types of indoor cameras in detail. Keep reading.


Types of indoor security cameras

There are a lot of indoor security cameras which you can get for your home. We suggest you take a look at both the options below and decide what fits your needs best.

360O Camera

The 360o camera as the name suggests records the entire surroundings around it. With 360 degree coverage, there are no blind spots in your home. Burglars or caretakers can sometimes use these blind spots to do unscrupulous activities. A camera that covers the entire 360 feed is an effective solution.

Airtel Xsafe offers a 360camera under its security camera product line. The 360indoor cam by Airtel records in full HD and is wifi enabled. It offers night vision up to 10 m. The night vision feature can help record feed even when it’s dark in your home.


Some people might want to not record a few moments in the house. The privacy shutter feature can help you with the same. Additionally, the camera has a two-way talk feature. This feature can be used by new mothers to interact with their kids or have some fun with their pets. The camera also has motion and person detection features which can be customized according to your choice.


Sticky Camera

A sticky camera usually adds to the aesthetic of your home and protects it in a good way. It’s small and has a minimalistic design usually. Therefore, it doesn’t draw attention (perfect for security cameras). You must be thinking why it is called a sticky cam. The camera is not just small and has a minimal design. Additionally, it also has a magnetic base that helps the camera get stuck to a base and stay intact.

The Airtel Xsafe Sticky cam records everything with its wide-angle lens and sticks to various places, thanks to its countless placement options.


The camera records in full HD, has a 130o wide lens, and has featherweight. Along with a magnetic base, the camera has a night vision feature of up to 12 m.  The sticky cam also has motion and person detection and is wifi enabled.


According to security experts, you should technically install at least one type of security camera in your home along with a good defense outdoor camera. Airtel camera system can help you to keep your home secured, outdoors and indoors.


A safe home and protected home should be your new resolution.